Thursday, 29 May 2008

Some pics from the trip up thru the middle of Wales. We started in the Black Mountains, moved into the Brecons, over to the Cambrians and stopped short of the Rhinogs at Barmouth. Disappointed that all the chips shops close so early there and that my right knee isn't tougher...
Well that was the first hill of many out of the way. Stop for a brew outside Abergavenny before the descent into Coal Pit to find that it is actually a pit and no little shop like we were hoping for :o(

This was a great camp spot for the second night. On a ridge off Lord Herefords Knob. Punctuated by the sound of a lone moto crosser in the distance til it got dark and they fell into a hole or went home or something. First night at the campsite in Abergavenny we were treated to a massive electrical storm, no such interestingness tonight, just a fab view.

That'll be the Brecons just before the pull up onto Pen y Fan. No one around but the squaddies and loads of blazing sunshine.

Me with Ma and Pa - the support group in Llandovery. A rest day here was most welcome - loads of good food and a little beer. The cafe in the centre of town provides loads of tasty food, "home" cooked on the premises. There's the remains of a castle too with a big shiny statue outside.

More to come, probably...

Monday, 26 May 2008

Cambrian Way

While walking most of the Cambrian way we found some great looking singletrack bridleway that went on for what seemed like ages... Looking into a bike 2 dayer that would link up a couple of train stations one weekend. Would be great to bivvy out somewhere outside Machynlleth one evening and head straight out the next morning followed by 2 days of full on riding in the wilds.

Must go riding...