Tuesday, 22 June 2010

hey look, it's one of those funny bikes...

We took advantage of the evening sun to go out and ride our bikes. Amy and Ali made the trip over from Bolton, tempted by the prospect of (mostly) leaving the world of 26ers. Oh, yeah and pizza.

It must be one of the few times so many clown bikes have gathered since the 69er Gathering earlier this year. Can you count the funny wheels kids?

Sunday, 20 June 2010

No. it. wasn't.

Broken rib = no Mayhem for me this year. Left leg's not working too well either. Seem to be having a little run of it lately. The biggest event in the mountain bike calender has kind of got automatic over the years, which probably isn't a good thing. Anyway, spent the last couple of days wandering around the White Peak taking photos, eating cake and drinking coffee. Also getting stuff and routes ready for the Iceland trip that's looming excitedly on the horizon.  It's been good.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hit the North - get entered!

If you're a mountain biker in the North West then here's a couple of things happening that you should know about.

Hit the North  is the fourth big fun race from the same people that brought you the other three. Fab varied racing raising cash for local charities. Check out the website and get entered. Just a week left and filling up fast...

On a smaller scale British Cycling are hosting fortnightly hour long races in Clayton Vale. Thursday evenings, home in time for supper. We did the first and loved it. Turn up, pay up and get yer racing boots on :o)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

knee deep across pathless moorland


Old packhorse sign on the road near Pistyll Rhaeder 

Idyllic campsite, oasis of grassiness amidst all the heather and gorse

 Land of my father, or something.


Can you see the path? No, we couldn't either. All weekend.