Monday, 2 June 2008

Road ridin'

Well, that's the Polka Dot Gran Fondo over for another year. I remembered it as long climbs followed by scorching descents through some of the best roads in the Peak District and surrounding areas, in blazing sunshine. That was a couple of years ago though. This year it started to rain just after we set out and just about continued for most of the day and my riding partner got a flat. This shouldn't be happening on the first of June? Anyway most looked like they were smiling through the rain and enjoying it - even if some triathletes got their fig rolls a touch damp.

So, even though we only completed the short 72 mile course we've easily clocked up well over 200 miles on the bike this week, hurrah. Just a couple more weeks of increasing time in the saddle and then it's a quick taper for Mountain Mayhem Then we'll probably be obsessing about Hit the North instead. Just off to check out some tyres....