Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Some Core bike stuff...

Some stuff from the Core bike show.

I think I've got a customer for this one...
Shiny aluminium fenders from Extra. All sizes around £45.
Fixie hub prototype using HG cassette cogs. Easier to swap cogs and use bigger ones than are normally available to screw on.Neat looking bar/stem solution

A great looking fixie from ID £650

Saddles on the same frame, from the same factory as the Charge Spoon - so they should be comfy.
New Gusset outboard cranks and bearings in pretty colours...

Pivotal saddles coming soon,
many coloured fixed cogs,
New Salsa Vaya, coming soon. Crosscheck with discs and a 'slightly' lower bb Note the proper front lowrider mounts on the fork, just like an LHT. £1349
Salsa Casserol, Pacer with all the fixings for racks, etc.
A new fix from Extra, the name escapes me. Nice and reasonably priced frame.
Folding bike from Topeak, replacement for the Birdy mebbe?
Mmmmmm. S3X and other Sturmey stuff stuff maybe coming from Ison soon.
Sustainable cork from Portugal made into grips and packaged in recycled card. Below are GR2s now with rubber ends rather than magnesium. Warmer on those chilli mornings and about the same weight.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

snow biking!

Drifty out there, and pushy and slidey too. Hopefully a return to almost rideable trails soon.