Sunday, 14 June 2015

remember the old Surly 1x1?

a few years ago now, in a time before Keep Pedalling Limited, I bought a 1x1 frame - it was 2005 according to the frame number. Did you know you can tell when a Surly frame was produced from the frame number? All is explained here

anyway, it's had a few adventures over the years and been ridden the hell out of. Some time ago Shona even treated it to a silver head badge from Jen Green and I glued and screwed it on. This probably stopped me from giving it a fresh lick of powder sooner but Armourtex assured me they'd treat it good and so off it went to be reborn. The canti bosses were removed, the cable stops repositioned and it got a lick of super yellow powdercoat. All looking very modern.

the great thing about this old frame is the massive tyre clearance. Veetire's 27.5 x 2.8 on Stans Hugo (52mm!) rim fits with plenty of room. Remember this is a frameset designed for 26" wheels 10+ years ago.

it may not look a lot but even the super muddiness at this years Bristol BikeFest didn't leave a mark on the frame. 

did we mention that we podiumed? Is that even a word?

so, Fatties Fit Fine and this means more grip and comfort. Go try it. Fatter tyres and lower pressure, that's the new black whatever you may be riding.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

1 x 1 x 2

Quite old and quite new Surly 1 x 1 in summery bright colours

(Trolls hiding under the bridge)