Sunday, 14 November 2010


A day of riding and running. Just had to get out on the newly built up Ragley TD:1. Recycled most of the bits from the old Superfly and pinched Shona's Bonty forks. A 9 speed set up with a 36t ring up front held on by a Gusset 1-er, seemed to work fine with a little fettling required to stop it rubbing in lower gears. 21lb dead before putting the pedals on, that'll do. No surprises in the handling - skips up hills quick enough, it's super comfy and goes where it's told on the downs. Sorry about the guards. Coincidentally the frame bag from my old Karate Monkey fits a treat so some bike packing might be in order. Thinking about it, wouldn't this just be the best bike to race the something like the GDR on? Might just be what I spend most of my winter on, at least until the Troll arrives early next year.

After 3 hours playing out on bikes we took a run round the local fields to see braying donkeys, vicunia and nibbling friendly horses, ouch.  Wash bikes, put a curry on, bish bash bosh, everyones happy.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010