Friday, 28 May 2010


I had some handlebars lying around so decided to build a new bike. What frame goes with H-bars like PB & J? It's a Pug!

Got a new toy. Took it for a ride across Marsden Moor to the coffee shop today. Lots of fun pointing it in the right direction and letting it roll over anything and everything. See what I mean? Surly must have been been thinking of something else when they named their urban fixie thing the Steamroller This is the real deal. Although it's not very intuitive in the steering department. More like point it to Nome and don't change course til we get there.

Riding back on the road from the shop it had 20 psi in the tyres. That was dropped to 16 for the start of today's ride and dropped a further couple while we were out. Nice and grippy. What other bike lets you run such low, traction happy pressures? If in doubt, let some out.

Used a Mr Whirly chainset because of it's multi use adaptability and it's very shiny.  The MRP chain keeper is there for keeping the chain on when gears are needed. 36:18 wasn't the right gear choice by the way, tyre diameter is similar to a 29er so 36:20 would be more useful.

So, there it is. Pugsley is fab. Go ride one.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Been away

Just back from a month in sunny Spain. Lucky to get away on the morning of the Icelandic volcano eruption. Fortunate to get back too as it happens. We're left wondering whether our planned travels to Iceland will happen?

First ride out on the mountain bike was a bit of a disaster. Crashed and bashed my hand. Bruising and swelling that still hasn't completely gone meant that I was confined to the road bike for a couple of weeks. Good job we both took 2 bikes!  Not such a bad position to be in as the roads out in the Granada region are absolutely stunning. Plenty of routes to keep us busy. Mostly long, hour plus, steady climbs followed by big, grin inducing, hairpin infested descents. Plenty of coffee and cake stops kept us fuelled.

More later...