Monday, 11 October 2010

we went up to the Dales and had some great riding fun for a couple of days

we slept and ate cake here Dales Bike Centre
they even provided sunshine.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

sunny days

even though it's been pretty good here for the last couple of days (bar the odd thunderstorm) I found some sunny pics from earlier in the year that I'd forgotten about.

not the best exposed or even technically good but they made me smile.

and to think at the time I was cursing this little camera.

all good though.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Last Sunday in September

3 Peaks weekend? Must be time to get the shiney cars out!  Around a dozen 3 wheelers in the pub car park. Moto Guzzi engines, yum.

Went for a walk to the cafe in Horton and met up with the forever fashionably late.

What did I learn this year? A lighter bike helps get to the top of Ingleborough quicker that's for sure. However, for next time I'll remember to,

  • not get a cold
  • refrain from going to Italy at 1am Thursday and get back to Manchester 5.30am Saturday
  • eat properly for the week before, lots.

My during the race stuff could've been better too. Getting into a higher position on the start grid certainly helped. A whole 6 minutes quicker up Ingleborough was a good start, sharper refuelling at Cold Coates too. Thanks again Shona. Got into a steady group on the road over to Whernside so held my position pretty well. Not too shabby coming down either and then on towards Pen-y-ghent where it all went pear shaped and fatigue proper sat me on my arse. Walked a lot more than last year going up. People passing me, that shouldn't happen either and the top couldn't come soon enough. That euphoria was short lived as I started my (very) shaky descent, scrounging a gel on the way down, cheers Harsh. Much slower here meant that I was passed by the top 3 ladies on the descent before getting back to the short road section. This is where I realised that I'd really totally ballsed up my feeding as I got calf cramps for the first time in my racing history. Anyway, head down, passed one rider on the way back and once through the timing tent proceeded proceeded to eat. Absolutely everything. Even the last mince pie. Ta Julie. So, realised that sub 4 hours is do-able for me on the singlespeed so long as I get the simple things right and don't just try and wing it along with everything else.  Arrive rested, well fed and hydrated. Roll on 2012. Despite everything I got wrong it was still a grand day out.

Boys winners, the same but slightly different.

A couple of pics found elsewhere.

More here -

Venice, Italy

okay first up.  had a little jolly to Italy for work the other week. I joined a bunch of other UK Bianchi dealers on the flight from Stanstead to Treviso to take a look at the range for 2011. Not much change from last year, brakes here, forks straightened there and not much else. That's not a bad thing they look great, this is the new Oltre in a custom stealth paintjob.

Bianchi had also been busy raiding the museum at the factory. Peeks at bikes that won a bunch of stuff over the last 60 years or so. Fausto Coppi's well used ride...

One of Pantani's...

Cheers Bianchi UK!