Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bike Show

Every year around this time we head down towards Silverstone to meet up with some bike trade people and see what they have coming up, or indeed stuff that we've missed in their catalogues.

Bobbin Bikes have some new models coming up in the spring.

Bobbin Noodle £375

New matt colours for the Birdie

Girl Scout and new colour Daytripper

3 speed Shopper - mini cargo bike!

Brooks were there of course...

 Interesting Rohloff talk - four ways to shift but only one approved by Rohloff - new grips on shifters coming through too.

Surly Bikes, Old bikes, New bikes.
 From the top -
Troll, Ogre, Karate Monkey and the new Instigator - damn we're excited about that...

Check out the 26 x 2.75 tyre

Proto twenty six inch fat rim from Halo.

Salsa Vaya, Colossol and Warbird - we got all your gravel and road covered.