Saturday, 25 October 2014

Wonderful Wheels

A varied wheel selection for your inspiration...

Left to right;

SP dynamo laced to H Plus Son Archetype rim
Alfine 8-speed re-laced into a single speed Surly CrossCheck back wheel
a wheelset for a Surly Ogre - Rohloff Speedhub and Son dynamo both laced to Velocity Blunt 35's for multi surface touring in Europe and Asia.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bog Trotting the Bearbones 200

So this year the BB200 was to be a different beast. After 30 people managed to get black badges last year it was time for the bar to be raised the course made tougher.
And it was...

67 people set off from the start- and 3 seconds in we were off and pushing.

The first 40 miles to Barmouth were 'undulating' with some amazing tracks and spectacular views.


A quick stop in Barmouth for refueling on pastie and chips and we were off again pushing up more hills and heading off into the Hidden Valley.It was at this point we began to realise just how much rain there had been as bridleways began to resemble small (and not so small) streams. 

 A mixture of trails, fire roads and farmtracks took us around the side of the Rhinogs as daylight started to drop and we started to encounter the tussocky hell we would spend the next few hours dragging our bikes through. It was at this point I was very glad we decided to adopt a lightweight approach to the event and jettisoned any extra kit in favour of just a seatpack. 

A long night followed of warm hilltops and freezing descents as we dropped in and out of cloud filled valleys. More freezing water tussocky hell, nameless roads, pathless woods (there's a path there somewhere) and at least one sense of humour failure. A quick nap in a small copse of trees and then off to ride the last 40km back to the finish. 

I was almost desperate enough to eat this banana!

The last 40km didn't get any easier, more pushing a fast road descent to Dinas Mawddwy (top speed of the ride!), more climbing, more pushing, a final frustrating WTF does this trail go moment in some fields and eventually the last few km's on the road back to the start. 

Best thing about the BB200 is the breakfast (or lunch in our case) on your return. Large mugs of tea and Dee and Stu making lots to eat for many people sporting the same faraway look. 

Anyway- 27hours out in mid Wales, not many better ways to spend a weekend.

Kit List

1 x Surly Karate Monkey ss 32/20
 1 X Surly Krampus ss 36/21
 2 x Apidura seat packs
2 x feed pouches

2 x Alpkit Hunka Bivvy Bags
2 x PHD Minimus Sleeping bags
2 x Multitool, Tube, chain links, pump 
2 x USE Maxx D's
1 x Garmin Edge
1 x Phone using ViewRanger
Spare battery cache carried in case needed
Waterproof jacket (nice for early hours)
Various snacks, flapjacks, Mule bars