Thursday, 5 December 2013

Ogre update

 A flying visit between returning from Nepal and jetting off for 8 months in South America. Service and add a new luggage option. Salsa Minimalist racks are for carrying up to 5k of extra stuff on the front or rear.
 They have a cupped deck and come with straps for securing your marmot with.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Jones on't moors

We took Tim for a ride on the Jones this morning. Looked super shiney till he got his mitts on it :o)
Set up single speed with a fat front courtesy of Surly Bikes it can be a bit challenging on the rolling bits of the South Pennine moors.

He's rocking a great beard at the moment so just needs the bike to complete the look!

Sylwia came along on her Mukluk too and provided entertainment to herself and others...

(our camera skills are too slow to capture evidence of either of these two with their bikes on top of them in the mud. So it never happened...)