Sunday, 13 April 2014

Riding new bikes in the sunshine

It was the begining of April again and time for a little celebration. It was around this time 3 years ago that we opened our little shop. For the second year running we've invited a few customers and a couple of guys from Surly Bicycle Corporation have come over to play. This year they insisted on going for a ride in the sunshine and the Northern Weather Gods smiled down on us.

Surly Trevor
Surly Tyler
A Big Red Bus

Our friends at URBED provided a Routmaste bus into which we shoe-horned 20 or so fat bikes, mid-fat bikes and some other stuff, mostly people. Fuelled by sweeties we headed out towards Marsden Moor.  Marvelling at the great weather we were looking forward to getting out for a ride.
And ride we did, whooping and swooping - little people in a big Pennine landscape.

Ice Cream Truck meet Ice Cream Van

Mid ride fuel stop before we headed for the canal to make our way back to the big city.

Once back we tucked into a few slices of Pizza and Beer. A few people who couldn't make the ride due to having to work for a living popped by during the evening and once the pizza ran out we made short work of the fantastic Clown Cake provided by Karen

We moved on to the Castle pub to wash that down with one or two halves of shandy :o)
See y'all next year...

in case you missed it this much fun couldn't have been accomplished without the help of;
Surly Bikes
Ison Distribution
Slice Pizza
Karens Baking Room
and the fine Big Red Bus driving skills of Charlie from URBED

also the lenses of;
Steve Makin
Andy Kirkland
John Moore